05.07.17 Is Facebook spying on us?! (ft. Cory Poppins)

11.06.17 The Terrorists Will Never Win


21.03.17 A Defence of Millennials:


06.02.17 Shia LaBoeuf’s latest ‘art’ instillation:


26.01.17 Biggest Mismatch in MMA History??


13.01.17 The banning of Juju/Witchcraft from Rwandan Football:


26.12.16 – Robot Arseholes


12.12.16 – The UKIP Leadership Race


01.12.16 – Adrian Chiles!


23.11.16 – Trying (and failing) to stop talking about Donald Trump!


16.11.16 – The Exit Polls were a load of Trash… and this is why:


08.11.16 – An Englishman on Hilary Clinton **Election Day Special**


16.10.16 Donald Trump – The Greatest Underdog Story Ever Told


8.10.16 Hard Brexit vs Soft Brexit


26.9.16 How can apps improve the NHS? Well let me explain…


15.9.16 This week we’re talking negativity:


4.9.16 This week we go into David Cameron’s embarrassment of a resignation honours list:


25.8.16 This week’s video sees me take on the Olympics:


19.8.16 My first current affairs Vlog: Theresa May & all things ‘Silly Season’